Quotes Thank you so much for the great teen acting class that you held in Deer Park yesterday. My son Alec got so much out of your class and I feel so blessed that he got the opportunity to connect with you. Your graciousness and time with the kids is to be commended and speaks to what a great person you are. Proud mom, Michelle Peterson White Quotes
Student Alec White

Quotes What is so impressive about J. Eddie Peck is that he has been in the business for a long time and he knows what it takes to succeed. He has an amazing gift of talent and is passionate about what he does. He works right there with you every step of the way. Whether you are looking to build confidence or pursue a career in acting, J. Eddie knows what it takes to bring out the best in you. My son Ethan was so shy when he first started taking acting lessons from J. Eddie. Now when he walks in a room he exudes confidence and is not afraid to carry on a conversation with anyone. J. Eddie is making Ethan's dreams of being an actor a reality and we are so thankful to him. Quotes
Erin Jones
Son's Experience with JEP

Quotes Working with such a talented and charismatic actor like Eddie is very inspiring. He brings so much to the work, directing you in a way that is unique to your own progression. His knowledge both on acting and the business is invaluable. Quotes
Leo Fenwick
LA Actor

Quotes I have attended two of J. Eddie Pecks workshop intensives this summer and fall. I learned so much and had fun. Mr. Peck is not just a great coach, but someone you can open up to and be yourself around. At first I was kind of nervous to take his class and act on camera with people watching, but once Mr.Peck started talking and gave us exercises the nerves quickly went away. Mr. Peck inspired me to get up in front of the camera and act my heart out. He helped me build my confidence and was very motivational. Ever since Mr. Pecks class I've realized that acting is not all about just reading lines off of a script, but about making them my own and putting myself in the life of the character. Making the characters emotions and feelings my own. His class would be a great experience for anyone that is interested in the entertainment industry. The one thing that you will defiantly gain out of his class is self confidence. Quotes
Adaire Boyd
14 Year Old Student

Quotes Eddie, I had to write and thank you for what a wonderful job you did with the acting classes for the kids. I also wanted to thank you for making the effort to call me personally the night before the first class to hear my concerns regarding my daughter's issues with Selective Mutism. As I explained, it is an anxiety disorder that causes her to 'freeze,' rendering her incapable of speaking once she's out of her comfort zone. I wasn't sure if she would be able to actively participate or not, but she did want to try. Having met you many years ago at a fan event, I knew your easy-going nature and felt that if ANYONE could help my daughter feel comfortable and open up, it would be you. You did NOT let me down. More importantly, you did not let HER down! I was in awe when I saw her stand up in front of you and the other children in the class and begin to speak and tell a story! I couldn't believe it. It literally felt like a miracle! The day after the class I was telling a friend Quotes
A Proud Mom
Mom to a Student with Selective Mutism

Quotes I have had the wonderful opportunity to study with J. Eddie Peck. The thing that immediately appealed to me was his experience and body of work as an actor. Eddie has worked for over 25 years in almost every form of television and film and to be able to learn from someone who has had that high level of experience simply speaks for itself. J. Eddie?s approach to acting has helped me develop a deeper understanding of not only the meaning of a given scene or piece but what it?s going to take to get the job when I audition. J. Eddie is funny, kind, and extremely passionate about helping actors find untapped potential and bring out the best in themselves. I truly believe J. Eddie has tremendous value for any actor who wants to develop their abilities to the fullest. Quotes
Gerry Eddins, Actor

Quotes Corey just landed a lead role in a full length feature Sci-Fi film. Your working with him was directly responsible for him landing this role. Quotes
Marc Stein, father of Corey Stein (teen)