Demo Reel Packages

 JEP Acting Studio offers Demo Reel Packages to students and non-JEP students.  Demo Reels are a useful, necessary tool for actors to reach out for agent representation as well as submit themselves online for local and large market roles.  Standard Reels  are accepted by most all local agents for rep consideration, as well as local and national casting agents looking to cast independent films, commercials and web series.  Legitimate work is always better and more professional, but very competitive for non-working actors to be seen for paying SAG/AFTRA projects.  Especially without good representation or an effective demo reel grabbing their attention.  

Advantages of having a JEP Acting Studio Demo Reel: 

- All monologues and scenes are coached and directed by JEP. 

- Scenes and monologues are tailored for your "type" and skill level.

- Tracking down your "promised footage" from independent and student films can take months if not up to a year.  

- The writing and directing in low budget projects doesn't always showcase an actor at their "best" due to the budget and experience level of many independent/student projects.

NOTE:  Several of the lead cast members on "Glee" were discovered by the Network casting department from actors self-submitted demo reels.  Casting needed the "triple threat" of acting, singing and dancing and knew they had to put the search out nationwide to find actors with the required triple skill set.  


  Demo Reel Packages are available two ways: 

- through J. Eddie Peck Boot Camps if purchased by the first day of Camp 

- Individual Packages:  in-studio, or on-location available


Two packages available:  The Standard Package and The Professional Package

 Standard Package includes: 

- All scenes coached and directed by J. Eddie Peck

- All editing supervised by JEP. 

- Scenes shot on HD camera on the final day (Friday) of Boot Camp w/ a basic background. 

- Scenes edited in a two-shot, over the shoulder and close up.  

- Title card (name/contact) at beginning and end of reel

- Music and score where needed.  

- Lighting in this package is standard.  It won't have a TV/Film  look or feel, but will clearly show the 

   actors talent and image.  

Standard Package Pricing:   

One Monologue:  $125

Monologues are filmed and edited to showcase the actor with standard background and lighting.  Title cards (name and contact) are placed at the beginning and end of reel.   Click on: To Register in the drop down menu at the top of this page, then scroll down to Monologue Standard package.  

One Scene:  $245 

Filming and editing establishes a two person scene, but emphasis is placed on showcasing you within the scene.   All scenes come w/ the standard package items listed above.  Click on: To Register in the drop down menu at the top of this page, then scroll down to Scene-Standard Package.  

Two For One: $410  Combined savings of $80 

Split the cost of a two person scene w/ a partner.  Each actor will be featured in their own demo - a separate filming and editing for each. 

NOTE: Boot Camp actors wanting to shoot more than one scene or monologue will need to return on a non-Boot Camp day to film additional scenes.  This allows the necessary time needed to focus on making your scene your very best.  

The Starter Package: $320   You save $50! 

1 scene and 1monologue.  An opportunity to show your range w/ two pieces of work on your reel.  We suggest, one comedy, one drama.  Click on:  To Register in the drop down menu at the top of this page, 

The Deluxe Package: $515  You save $100!

2 scenes and 1 monologue.  An excellent way to showcase your range and skill set utilizing material from different genres.  Click on:  To Register

The Premium Package:  $695  You save $165!

3 scenes and 1 monologue.  Recommended only for those seeking and ready to work professionally. To Register

Click on:

NOTE: Actors considering using multiple scenes on their reel must be prepared, well rehearsed and have the skills to showcase their work.  J. Eddie will coach and direct the scene, but actors must have an understanding of the craft and a level of competency equal w/ the level of work the scene requires.  If you're not ready, J. Eddie will let you know.  Its about quality, not quantity.


The Professional Package...

Is exactly that...Professional level quality shot on the industries best camera...THE RED.  J. Eddie hires a professional cinematographer, lighting and sound crew to film your demo utilizing the latest technology to showcase you at your best.   JEP Acting Studio "Professional Reel Package matches the style of today's hit TV shows and feature films, so you look like a pro. We shoot on the same camera the networks and studios use to give you the highest quality scenes available. This package is only recommended only for those seeking to work in the industry professionally; submitting for roles on legitimate SAG/AFTRA projects.

If interested in the Pro Package, please contact the studio for details and pricing.  Pricing will be approximately double that of the Standard Package Pricing listed above.  Professional crew is hired at "day rate" requiring a minimum number of scenes to be shot.  Therefore, multiple actor reels must be booked for one day.   

 Contact: for details, and pricing.